Rescue Bio – Jesse


RESCUE BIO ~ Jessie: aged maltese blend male

Jessie was offered as a FTGH maltese dog some months back. You know the deal. Lady owner moving away and couldn’t take her pet of many years. Unvaccinated, undesexed, he needed to be gone ASAP.

Ever on the lookout, one of our foster carers investigated further. What she found was a little dog in immense, ongoing pain. He came into care crying constantly. His veterinary examination showed this little old man, beloved pet of someone for many years, had a mouth full of rotten teeth and chronic renal issues. X-rays showed calcification of his spine in the regions of the lower back and neck. Jessie could not move his head, could not sit, could not lie down or rise without immense pain. His eyes were clouded and he cried and whimpered constantly.

These issues simply do not happen overnight. How long had he been like this? How many years? Why could he not have had veterinary care to ease his pain, to help restore him to good health? Better yet, adequate care to avoid his health situation?

But lets focus on the present, on the good in this little old man’s life.

After months of remedial action and loving care from his dedicated foster carer, Jessie is now mostly pain free. Some days are just pure downers and he requires pain medication to help him through, but that’s ok. It is in our power to help him and you know what… it is really not that difficult! All it requires is observation and compassion.

Jessie has been placed on a specialised, low sodium, weight conscious diet. Much to his disgust there is never enough of it! He receives regular pain assessment consultations with our vet and has regular acupuncture treatments, but best of all are the loving massage treatments his carer provides often. He can now move his neck, he can trot down the yard and sleep in the sun with ease, he can grumble at his foster siblings and *gruff* in the kitchen demanding food. Jessie is clean, cuddled, loved and nurtured.

Old man Jessie will remain in care with NPR until his time is due and then we will make it easy for him. We will find his wings. Pain free and loved, he will wear them.