Bobby-00BOBBY Z  – (Adorable, Sweet, Gorgeous) Male; Mixed Breed Puppy; 7 months; Medium, when fully grown (vet estimate); Active pup; Low Shedding; Microchipped; Vaccinated; Desexed; Wormed; Flea treated; Best suited to a family with children over 8 years of age and/or another canine companion; Lifetime registered in NSW; Adoption fee: $395


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Bobby Z is one of a litter of 6 adorable puppies that were abandoned at the dog pound and rescued at just 3 weeks of age by Nova Pooch Rescue.

Bobby Z was the smallest of the litter and by far the cuddliest. He is placid but also very playful when he wants to be. He is very affectionate and just loves cuddle time. Bobby Z has a beautiful black coat and his eyes just melt your heart.


So that Bobby Z will grow into a beautiful and well behaved companion dog his new family will need to have the time and commitment necessary for the raising and ongoing training of a growing young dog. He is good around children but due to his young age and large size it would be preferable there are no very young children in his new home.

Bobby Z is in foster care at Bobs Farm, NSW; Date of Birth: 26/12/2013



Bobby Adopted

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