Help Us Save Our Suzie!


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Some days in Rescue are just plain hard to face… some decisions are down right heart breaking. We have had a few of these days lately.

Last week we lost one of our little Forever Fosters, Jesse. Jesse, an elderly maltese boy came into care in chronic pain, discarded by owners who were not prepared to pay his vet fees or kindly hold him while he slipped into an eternal rest. We knew he could not be rehomed so he remained with us for a relatively pain free and loving 12 months. His time came last week and sadly we gave him his wings. It was our final gift to him…. pain free at last and loved to the very end.

Then to add to our heavy hearts, Nitro, the little boy we rescued from a country pound in appalling condition was found to have a list of untreatable issues. It was heartbreaking to know he had spent most of his short 10 years in a state of absolute neglect and was in severe discomfort and pain. RIP dear little man. I’m so very sorry for the terrible deal you were dealt in life.

And Suzie ……… our little 5 year old darling girl featured in these pictures. Suzie was adopted to a loving family but returned to us not long after when it was discovered that she appeared to have a cervical (neck) issue. It is a considered diagnosis that Suzie may have a herniated disc. She is in excruciating pain and currently living on high dose pain medication. I’ll spare you the details but when we were quoted $2800.00 for an MRI scan with a very high chance of a $5000.00 surgery to follow we had to take a (very) deep collective breath and consider our options. A viable alternative was found at Tamworth Vet Hospital, but still exceedingly costly at approximately $5000.00 (or thereabouts) This is an enormous amount for a little rescue group to finance. Of course, to add to the stress …Suzie needs to be attended to as fast as possible… next week is even a tad on the edge of too long to wait.

So a lip biting, soul searching and very disturbing decision had to be made. Supremely stupid or very brave …. you call it, but we have made the choice to fight to give Suzie a chance of a pain free future. How could you look at this little face and not ……

We now have a week or two to reach our goal of a massive $5,000.00

As a rescue that rarely asks for financial help, I hope you will consider delving into your heart and pocket to help Suzie…. please…. one less Easter egg can possibly help secure a future for Miss Suzie.

We have a DONATE button on this page which will accept donations via Paypal. Alternatively, you can contact us by private mail for any questions……….

We are so very sorry to have to ask for help 😡

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