Medium Sized, Male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix * 4 years * Low Energy Level * Minimal Shedding * Desexed * microchipped * vaccinated * vet checked * wormed * flea and heartworm treated * Best Suited to a family with children over 8 years of age; home where Rupert will live inside as part of the family * Adoption Fee is $395
Rupert is a gentle soul; he is a sweet relaxed boy with an easygoing manner. He loves to spend time outdoors during the day basking in the sun, watching the world go by and snapping at the occasional fly that buzzes past him, until it’s time to come indoors for a nap or enjoy pats and attention from his family.
Like most spaniels, Rupert has a healthy appetite and enjoys a variety of foods. He tucks into most foods without hesitation. He is happy to go for walks, although he is quite strong on the lead and will need consistent correction. He loves drives in the car and quiet snuggles on the lounge if allowed. Chewing on his toys and sleeping are among his favourite pastimes, as well as the occasional game with his foster canine siblings. However he often loses interest very quickly and may choose to take a nap instead, in which his rumbling snores can be heard from every room in the house. Like many short nosed dogs Cavaliers often snore, which many doting owners find quite endearing when they are accustomed to it.
Cavaliers are renowned for their sweet nature and a happy disposition, which makes them an ideal companion for most families and Rupert is no exception. However, as he weighs 14.5kgs and occasionally jumps up to greet you it would be best if any children in his forever home are over about 8 years of age. Nevertheless, this is not frequent behaviour for Rupert who usually leads a fairly sedentary life.
Rupert is very versatile and would be happy to have another dog companion; however he would also enjoy being the centre of attention in an only dog home. His beautiful white and tan coat will require regular bathing and grooming to keep it tangle free and to keep him smelling fresh and clean and his heavy coated floppy ears will need regular attention.
Rupert is a very loving dog who very much deserves his own special permanent home. While he is waiting he is in foster care at Metford, NSW.

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Rupert Adopted

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