NUGGET – Small (5 – 10Kg); Male; Terrier Mix (as per his paperwork); 8 months (as of the time of this posting); Moderate Energy Level (so yes, he will need some exercise to keep him sane); Minimal Shedding (no need to go crazy with the Hoover); Desexed (no breeding this little man); Microchipped (but details will need updating); Vaccinated (no bad bugs for this fella); Vet Checked; Flea & Worm treated (so no itchy bottoms or constant scratching); Lifetime registered in NSW; Best suited to a couple or family with children over 8 years of age; other dog family; home where Nugget will live inside with his human family; Adoption Fee $395


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Nugget is a very funny adorable little boy. He looks like a Jack Russell Terrier but with a closer look you realise he is only a pup, some sort of terrier mix. He was born in October 2013 so he is only a baby. He weighs around 7 kilos.


Nugget is very affectionate. He is great with kids, not fussed about the chooks, and is not a barker. Nugget would make a great companion as he loves human company. He gets on really well with the other dogs in care and plays and snuggles with them all. He particularly likes the biggest dog here (over 30 kilos).


Nugget just loves to sit on your lap for cuddles. He has the softest fur; you just want to pat him all day. He has the most beautiful eyes, and is often found sitting at your feet looking longingly at you for a cuddle.

If you would like to adopt this adorable little fellow he is would love to meet you. Nugget is currently in foster care at Wilberforce, NSW; Date of Birth: 15/10/2013



Nugget Adopted