Bindi01Bindi: Small (0-5Kg); Female Fox Terrier Mix; 4 years; Low Energy Level; Minimal Shedding; Desexed; Microchipped; Vaccinated; Vet Checked; Wormed; Flea & Heartworm treated; Lifetime Registered in NSWBest suited to a couple or family with children over 8 years of age: other small dog household; Adoption Fee is $395

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Bindi is a sweet and very affectionate little dog who is in need of her very own forever home. She is a quiet little girl who loves to lie in the sun and then come inside for a cuddle and some quiet time with her human foster family. She is great with children but due to Bindi’s very small size it would be best if any children in her new home are old enough to handle her with care. Bindi is good with other dogs and she would love a small canine companion, especially if there is no one at home for a few hours each day.

Bindi is good on her lead and loves to go for a walk. She is housetrained and isn’t a barker, although she has been known to howl at police or ambulance sirens. She has a short coat that is easy care and low shedding.
Like most dogs who spend some time in the dog pound Bindi is a little anxious and nervous at times. She deserves a new family that will give her the love and gentle understanding she needs to gain confidence and feel secure again. She will be a great companion for a person on their own, a couple or a family with older children.
Bindi is in foster care at Gorokan, NSW and is lifetime registered in NSW. Date of Birth: 25/03/2010


Bindi Adopted