Team Nova – Linda

Meet The Nova Team

Linda – Promotions: Photographer (Novocastrian Photography)

Late 2011 our family purchased a puppy from a local pet store and integrated this dynamic little man into our family. He bonded well with my sons regularly visiting cocker spaniel and they’re like brothers in arms. I had no idea how such a little beast would impact on the dynamics of my often times chaotic and depressing household.

It was during this time I took interest in dog pages on Facebook and before long my newsfeed was filled with stories about backyard breeding, puppy farms and the like. I was horrified! I had contributed to this ever increasing problem and I had NO idea how bad it really was at the time. SO, I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about the horrific things facing our canines companions out there.

I was eventually exposed to a particularly large group from the Sydney region and after considerable confusion, I fostered a large breed pooch that was eventually rehomed to Port Macquarie. I really wanted to make a positive contribution to help with this issue in our local region so I got in touch with all rescue groups that i knew of in my local area. That was when I received an email from Deb about volunteering. Nova, at that time was only a small , newly established rescue that needed some help. I started taking photos of the foster pooches after seeing how badly it was needed. Many pooches are overlooked due to a “bad” photo, so my passion for pet photography was born and has now evolved into Novocastrian Photography

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been able to incorporate another four legged hair ball into our family. She’s an elderly Nova pooch lady that has blended into our household well and now home is no longer depressing but full of joy and laughter due to the antics of our multiple canine companions.

At this current time, I am 100% committed to Nova Pooch Rescue and spend a lot of time posting images and stories about Nova on various social media sites so our foster pooches have every opportunity to obtain a perfect forever home. I’m proud to be involved with a wonderful group of people who work as a team for the ethical and responsible rehoming practices. So many out there are not as ethical as they have you believe.

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