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I was born in England in the closing years of WWII and my father was afraid the hospital would be bombed with my mother and myself in it. Well, we survived and I grew up as an only child who wanted a dog quite desperately. It never happened and almost the first thing I did on arrival in Australia in 1962 was to get myself a dog. He was my first love, a little Aussie Terrier named Poochie. Since then there has been no stopping me and I been privileged to share my life with many beloved little dogs since that time.


Marian – Promotions

Brisbane was my first home in Australia and I first got involved in animal welfare issues when I discovered that unwanted dogs and cats were being crammed into metal boxes and being gassed to death at the local pound. The horror of that is still with me. Over the years I have supported and been involved with animal rights and welfare organisations, including Animal Liberation, Animals Australia and Hunter Animal Watch. Rehoming unwanted dogs has always been my passion and for some years I co-ordinated an advertising program for a Dog of the Week at the local RSPCA. 

My first rescue dog was a three legged very tiny Pomeranian who became the love of my life. From then on the only breed for me was Rescue. He was the first of many rescue dogs over the past twenty years or so. It is such a joy to give a loving home to a little dog who has been discarded. The love I have received in return is beyond words and one of the great blessings in my life.

I have always wanted to help with rescue work but didn’t know how, as I knew if I fostered I would have a long string of foster failures. Then quite by chance I was talking to Deb from Nova Pooch Rescue and asked if there was any way I could assist. So here I am now writing up the doggies’ profiles and listing them, along with Linda Barter’s amazing photos, on the Pet Rescue and Gumtree websites. I can’t really believe that at this stage of my life I am now able to be useful to a rescue group and help ease the administration load that I had no idea is so huge. I feel so privileged and am constantly amazed at the commitment and lengths our group goes to for the love of our foster dogs. The workload is enormous and the efforts to find the right home for each dog are one of the extra special aspects of Nova Pooch Rescue’s work. I hope to continue to work with Nova Pooch Rescue as long as I can be of assistance to them. I shall always support the magnificent work they do for the dogs who are in need of their help.