Paw Justice


“Paw Justice has a zero tolerance attitude towards animal abuse. It works with the community to reduce animal abuse and cruelty. Paw Justice has various campaigns and programmes which aim to promote its causes. We act as advocates in the community for those with no voices and promote education and public awareness to bring about social change. Join your voice with ours – become the voice for the animals.”


“Lyrics written by Paw Justice fans have created and inspired a powerful song which sends a clear message – Enough is Enough- Performed and co- written by Tiki Taane.

Dog fighting is a horrific form of animal abuse. Like the gladiators of Roman days, dogs are enslaved to their masters and forced to fight to the death and rip each other apart for human entertainment.

Your pet may never see the inside cage of a dog fight as it may not be the breed sought after and used for dog fighting, but consider the tens of thousands of family pets around the world that do. These family pets get stolen and used as bait dogs, given to fighting dogs to practice on. They are often starved and have their mouths taped shut to prevent them from harming the actual fight dog, allowing the fight dog to build confidence and hone their killing skills.”