Kindest Heart

DEBRA: That there is a kinder and more humane way to acquire a companion animal and therefore there is no need to have animals in shops treated like ‘products’. There’s enough evidence to prove that placing puppies in pet shop windows away from their mother does affect them and does create behavioural issues, not to mention the myriad of health and genetic issues these puppies have due to poor breeding. But if we look beyond the cute puppy, we know the parent dogs suffer the most.

By buying a puppy from a shop or an online trading advertisement you are rewarding the very people who have deprived and cruelly treated these dogs, you are providing an incentive to keep this brutal industry going. Once people stop buying them, the shops will stop stocking them. The public can take away the market of these puppy factories and backyard breeders by simply making kinder choices and speaking out against this industry and empowering others to do the same.”