Team Nova – Foster Carers

Meet the Nova Team

Anonymous  – Foster Carers ❤

We became a part of the Nova Rescue ranks when we moved to a house from an apartment and were allowed dogs. We were allowed 2 dogs on the property we already taken on a friends FTGH dog Ellie (AKA Smelly). To keep her company and to do some good in the world we looked into fostering. On the Renbury Farm Facebook page, we saw a handsome Staffyboy, we had tried to contact a local rescue group to let them know that we would be willing to be foster carers for this dog, but got no reply.

Another local group had a seminar regarding fostering dogs for them, so we attended. The people representing this group were very nice, but they had requirements such as only buying the most expensive food for the foster dogs, we were both working casually at this stage and this seemed well beyond our financial means to afford. This Staffy boy was still on the kill list at Renbury at this time, we happened across Save a Pound Pooch Rescue Newcastle, as Nova was known initially. We contacted them got a very fast reply which we were impressed by, we had found out that this particular staffy boy had been saved. SAPPN offered a little female Staffy girl to foster (she was a bit of a little grub and needed a dominate female to put her in her place , that’s where our Smelly came in). We started fostering in October 2011 until now , through out that time we have fostered 15 dogs.

We have found the experience of being a foster carer a huge roller-coaster ride of emotions. It does challenge and frustrate you at times but if you keep at it you know that you are making a difference. The rewards of seeing dogs that you have had in care improve their behaviour and find their new homes makes all those emotions are worthwhile.

I know that we have learnt a lot through fostering, we have learnt to observe behaviours and know what they mean and have learnt some valuable training methods. 

Meet Team Nova

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