Team Nova – Sue

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Sue – Foster Carer, Admin team


Sue – Foster Carer, Admin team

In 2011 a one of my husband’s school friends noticed my page always had photos of our dogs, She messaged me and we got talking. She had an idea to start a lost and found page for the Penrith Area because most people over that way did not know where to look if their dog got lost. We basically started the page together including Windsor Richmond in the hope we could educate people that the catchment area for Hawkesbury Pound includes Penrith City Council area and Hawkesbury City Council area as well as Baulkham Hills.
Due to our mutual interest in the lost and found animals, the subject of fostering came up….. and ……….

My first foster was via another organisation and this was how I became involved in Newcastle Pound Pooch as the 3rd party rescue group. Somehow the proverbial dog swap happened and a 6 y/o female mini foxie turned into a 1yr old male Tenterfield terrier. This poor little man was in a dreadful state after being desexed at a vet out of my area. I brought the dog home in November 2011 and tried to make him as comfy as I could, he soon began feeling better and wiggled his way into our hearts and our family. Since the arrival of Frankie in 2011 and via Nova (mostly *lol*) there have been at least 60 dogs through our home. Some have been challenging, some make you doubt humanity even exists, and sometimes your heart breaks, but mostly these animals are with us through no fault of their own and we give them the best opportunity we can while waiting to find the right home for them to live happily ever after.

Personally, I get so much out of the foster dogs in my care… far more than I could ever give them.