Jaime AdoptablesJAIME – Male; Medium Sized; Staffy X Pup; 9 months; Active young dog; Minimal Shedding; Desexed ✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Best suited to a family with secure backyard; children over 8 years of age; other medium/large dog family; Adoption Fee is $395

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Jaime is an affectionate, playful and mischievous pup who is described by his carer as a handsome, beautiful and friendly gentleman. He adores attention and will sometimes jump up to get more. As he is a smart young fellow gentle the carer is using consistent correction to help him to understand this sort of behaviour is not acceptable. He loves playing with the other dogs at his foster home and he would thrive with another dog at his forever home for playtimes and companionship when his family is not home.

Jaime has started basic training and is learning sit, stay and lay down. He is crate trained and is well on the way with his toilet training. He has a short easy care coat so requires minimal grooming.


Sadly, young Jaime, along with his siblings, has had an unfortunate start to their young life and came into Nova’s care with a demodectic, which is a non infective, immune compromised condition. After veterinary care and treatment and loving support from his foster carers, he is now a healthy, normal pup. His skin and coat is recovering well with still a little way to go for optimum condition. Like all pups, he will need an ongoing, well balanced and nutritious diet to ensure he grows into a healthy young adult. An information sheet will be provided to Jaime’s new family to assist with this.


As he is a boisterous young pup it would be best if any children in his new home are over 8 years of age. He loves children and is inclined to jump up but he is also very gentle with them. Jaime will be a lovely pet for a lucky family.

Jaime is a very special young dog who deserves better in life than he had prior to coming to NPR. If you can offer him a loving, permanent home where he will become a much-loved member of the family Jaime would love to meet you.

Jaime is in foster care at Telarah, NSW; Date of Birth: 15/11/2013


Here is an image video of little Jaime 🙂


Jaime Adopted