Alvin (Awesome Little Man) – Small (5-10Kg) * Male * Jack Russell Terrier/Pug Mix (JUG) * 5 years (Prime of his life) * Moderate Energy Level (Yes, you will need to walk and play with him) * Minimal Shedding (no need to go nuts wight he vacuum cleaner) * Desexed (no more breeding for this little man) * Microchipped (no getting lost if you do the right thing) * Vaccinated (guards against those nasty doggie germs) * Vet Checked * Wormed * Flea & Heartworm treated * Lifetime Registered in NSW * Best suited to a quiet and calm household with children, if any, over 12 years of age; home where Alvin will live inside as part of the family; other small dog family * Adoption Fee is $395


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Alvin is a 5 year old Jack Russell Cross Pug (JUG) who, because of his unfortunate past life, appears to be a little timorous and wary of people at times, in particular children. Once he learns to trust and settles in to his adult surrounds he reveals the happy, playful and affectionate young man that he really is.

He gets along well with other small dogs and will occasionally enjoy a game of wrestle or tug o war with them; however he is not good with cats or pocket pets and is ideally suited to a home with no children under 12 years of age. Ideally sheltering Alvin from any contact with any boisterous children would be in his best interests as he tends to become overstimulated and stressed when confronted by the noise and excitement of children. He is housetrained and his coat is easy to care for, needing minimal grooming.


Alvin loves going for regular walks although he is quite strong on the lead, therefore he will need consistent training to help him contain his excitement. It is also advised that Alvin is walked in quiet areas away children’s play areas and parks, for his own sense of safety and security.

Otherwise he is a quiet little dog who will only bark occasionally if something seems amiss. Alvin is a great all round easy to manage boy who enjoys being indoors or outdoors and will happily spend his day outside watching the world go by; alternatively he loves to spend time relaxing with and getting lots of attention from his special human.

If you have the patience and understanding needed to help Alvin learn to trust and build confidence again you will be rewarded with a very special little dog. He has a lot of love to give and really deserves his own forever home where he will become a valued member of the family.

Alvin is in foster care at Metford, NSW * Date of Birth: 07/11/2008

Alvin Adopted