MILLY – Female; Terrier Mix; 18 months; Small, 5-10kgs; Active young dog; Low Shedding; Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Best suited to a family with children over approximately 8 years of age; family where there is someone home most of the time and/or other small dog; home where Milly will live as part of her new family; Adoption Fee: $395


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Milly is an adorable and affectionate little dog who loves to play and wrestle with the other dogs in her foster home. However if Milly is adopted into a home with another doggie companion she will need to be introduced gently and consistent boundaries must be maintained, as she does show signs of some adjustment difficulties. If this issue should arise in her new home Nova Pooch Rescue Inc. has trainers that are committed to helping manage the situation and will be on hand to assist Milly’s new family.

Milly is a fairly quiet young lady although, like all terriers, she will bark if she hears a threatening noise. This, of course, makes her a very good house dog. She gets on well with cats and will join them for a game, if they will tolerate it. She is housetrained and has learned to “Come” “Sit” and “Stay” on command. She has a lovely short white and tan low shedding coat, which is easy to care for with a quick brush through every couple of days.


Milly was a stray before being rescued and she really adores the love and affection of her humans. She follows them around hoping for a tummy rub and maybe a cuddle if she is lucky. Given the opportunity she would love to sleep with you at night but she obediently sleeps in her own bed when she knows that is where she is meant to be. She would love her humans to be around most of the time but if that is not possible she would need another suitable dog to keep her company.

Milly loves her walks and takes off at great speed until she wears herself out, therefore she can be strong on lead until she begins to tire herself. She would also benefit from continued training as she can easily become overstimulated by busy places and other dogs whilst out and about. Even a walk around the same old neighbourhood is an adventure for Milly with her zest for life. She is very gentle with children although would need to be under supervision around small children. As for a family trip in the car Milly thinks it is a great adventure and is in the car like a flash.


Milly is a wonderful companion who will bring a lot of joy into her forever home once she settles in. She has been unlucky in the past and is now looking forward to meeting her new family and a second chance in life.

Milly is currently in foster care at Metford, NSW; Date of Birth: 22/01/2013


Milly Adopted