Please Help Snap!

This is Snap and I wanted to update you with his story …


At 5mths of age, little Snap came into care 17.10.14 with his brother Sammy. Snap currently weighs 1.9kgs and at 1kg less than Sammy on intake simply had to be the runt of the litter..
Sammy found a great adoption fast, but Snap, on the other hand, has some issues going on.

It is thought that malnourishment had caused leaching of calcium from his bones with the result that he had brittle bones and lax joints…. An issue we were unaware of initially.
Both puppies went into care with one of our lovely carers but Snap broke a leg, dislocating his shoulder in the process whilst playing with Sammy within the first week. Our carer’s partner, with quick thinking, realigned the shoulder and Snap was rushed to the vets. The pups were then moved to another carer better positioned to manage a broken legged puppy.

Snaps first fracture was pinned, wired and plated in surgery. With his little bird bones this was a feat in itself and we commend our vet, Williams River Vet Clinic, for the great job done with a difficult situation.

Poor little Snap was confined to a crate for 6 weeks with only toilet breaks to ease the monotony. During a toilet break 10 days after surgery, Snap went a bit stir crazy and jumped, instantly snapping the other leg.

Back for more surgery…this time the fracture was lower, closer to the joint … making the whole fracture repair a lot trickier! During a dressing change, at the vets, for the second injury, the plaster pulled a little tight and dislocated the other shoulder …. we were becoming too scared to touch this puplet !!

Throughout the whole ordeal Snappy has been nothing but a sweet, loving, happy little puppy, desperately wanting to run and play as all puppies should. His zest for life is immeasurable!
So, long story short …. Snap is on HIGH quality food …. expensive Ziwi Peak … plus whole body supplements with calcium and probiotics due to the prolonged courses of antibiotics he has been on plus the stresses he has endured for most of his life. He has twice daily photonic torch sessions on the injury sites. He has everything we can possibly do to help him and he is looking so much healthier as each week passes.

The last fractured leg is not healing well, being quite crooked. Yesterday morning we underwent a further series of X-rays to monitor the progress of the healing. Unfortunately, the fracture line is still visible and so the vet’s verdict is ANOTHER 6 weeks of crate confinement.

Once his legs have healed, Snap will undergo surgery again to remove all the pins, wires, plates…. and hopefully NOT a leg. His tiny legs are so much like little bird bones and we can only hope we have strengthened both the skeletal structure and the little baby, himself, with good nutrition, gentle exercise and nurturing to go through the next round of surgery and rehabilitation with ease.

Cost so far are around $3,000.00 (not counting the three rounds of X-rays ) and with further X-rays and another round of surgery to go we are expecting the resulting cost to be around $4-$5 thousand .

Snaps adoption fee, when he is ready to list will be $395.00
We have a number of extraordinarily high vet charges at the moment, alongside Snap’s, some resulting in thousands of dollars also. One high vet dependent dog, a small rescue group can cope with, but not several all at once.

As Snap recovers and waits for further major surgery, Nova Pooch Rescue Inc. must now ensure we can pay for these abnormal medical costs. As much as we dislike it, we simply have to ask for help.

I know it is Christmas and a difficult financial time for many, but you can help by donating just a small amount.

Snap and all the animals and volunteers of Nova Pooch Rescue Inc. thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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