Pooch Christmas

fostering saved my life

Our team visited the RSPCA today to see who we can help. To be totally frank…. the kennels are OVERFLOWING! We were keen to take as many dogs as we possibly can but there is only so much a tiny little rescue group can do.

Christmas holidays bring with it many many dogs that have been dumped as owners go about their annual holidays and can’t or won’t make provisions for their “pet” so they end up in the kennels with a very bleak future. The New Year will bring even more unwanted pets as the novelty of being given a pooch as a present isn’t a novelty anymore and then there are New years fireworks to create canine havoc..

We saw Pomeranians, Chihuahua’s, Jack Russell Terriers, adorable english staffies from older pups to young dogs (all around the 10kg mark, so tiny), lots of large breeds – from puppies to older dogs and any age in between……

Its a frustrating feeling knowing we have to leave so many there to fate …..
This is a huge plea, but if anyone can foster for Nova, adopt from Nova or even better, head over to the RSPCA and adopt directly!

So do you really want to do something generous for Christmas? Then, foster a pooch in need or adopt a rescue pooch. Just think about how many of these little furballs will be spending Christmas time behind kennel bars instead of lazing about Christmas day with a full belly after joining family’s for the traditional christmas lunch?
For many of these innocents, their Christmas present will be an uncertain future.