Carina Adoptables

CARINA – Small (5Kg); Female; 5 Years; Silky Terrier Blend (Bonded pair with Alex) – see separate listing for Alex; Low Energy Level; Minimal Shedding;Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee: $595 for the bonded pair.

Carina & Alex’ forever home MUST be able to provide: Owner experienced with dogs with special needs; Any children to be over 12 years of age; Calm, safe environment for 2 dogs with a traumatic past.

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Carina is an extremely timid, gentle, tiny little lady who is looking for an extra special, understanding and calm family to call her own. Carina came into Nova’s care from the pound with her long-time friend and companion, Alex. We feel that it is in Carina’s best interest to remain a bonded pair with Alex as she draws some of her confidence from him and will not cope without Alex by her side.


Carina is extremely shy around strangers; she will often hide away in her carer’s neck when an unfamiliar person talks to her. However, once she gets to know people she will beg for attention and lap up all the cuddles she can, often hooking her paw into a shirt to make it more difficult to put her down again.


Carina is a quirky and affectionate little lady but it will take her a little time to settle in and trust her family. Once she does become accustomed to her new surrounds she will happily give an abundance of love and attention to her new family.


Carina enjoys the simple things in life; good food and cuddles are top of her list. She copes well in the car and is small enough to take anywhere. Carina is still working on her toilet training but it is essential she is an indoor dog at night. She feels the cold very easily, being such a tiny-framed dog, so it is also essential she is rugged up and kept warm during the colder months.


Carina requires a home with older teenage children if any at all; she is a very fragile little dog who needs a calm, safe environment as she is easily intimidated and frightened by boisterous children, adults and dogs.

Carina has a very short coat at the moment but if her fur is left to grow longer, she will require regular brushing and grooming to keep her coat tangle free, clean and looking its best.

If you would like to offer this little one a second chance for a good life with her very special pal, Alex, she is waiting to meet you at Metford, NSW; Date of Birth: 24/11/2010


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