May Adoptables

MAE – Female;  Greyhound; 2 Years; Large (over 25 Kg); Low Energy Level; Minimal Shedding; Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee $395


  • Must have other medium to large dog for company
  • Commitment to ongoing training.
  • Access to backyard with secure fences.

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Mae is a very beautiful greyhound, who was bred to be a racing dog. She has been prepared all of her life with this in mind. Until Mae came into care with Nova, she had very little life experience and consequently EVERYTHING was new to her and each day provided her with new challenges.


Mae was neither fast enough nor keen enough to race, and thankfully has ended up with Nova where she is enjoying her new life. Resting is just about her favourite thing other than following her carer around as closely as possible. Mae is coming along nicely with toilet training and the only accidents have been when she has not been given outside access as often as she should.


Mae is vocal and will tell you she wants to come in or go out. Mostly she likes to be indoors. She has recently learned to play and will chase a ball or toy outdoors with the other dogs. These are usually short bursts and then she resumes her normal position, sprawled out in some comfortable spot or another. She is very placid and is absolutely great with the toddlers where she lives. These toddlers are trained in the art of interacting appropriately with dogs, and are never left unsupervised with any dog.


Mae has only been in care for a matter of weeks and has shown her great personality and gentle nature throughout that time. The vet commented she is the biggest sook of a dog they have ever treated.

If you think Mae may be the gentle companion you and your family are looking for, then she would be very pleased to meet you. Mae is currently in foster care at Wilberforce, NSW; Date of Birth: 13/04/2014