Beau Adoptables

BEAU – Small (5-10Kg); Male; Llasa Apso x Terrier Blend; Low Energy Level; Minimal Shedding; Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee: $250


  • Experienced dog owner for this Special Needs Dog
  • Other small to medium compatible dog in residence
  • Someone at home most of the time
  • Home without stairs

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Beau is a handsome senior Lhasa Apso blend male dog who was has some serious renal, orthopaedic and ear issues. Because he received immediate veterinary attention Beau’s pain and discomfort was eased and he is a happy little man, despite his health problems. He loves to play with his stuffed toys and will even play a short game of chase and wrestles with his foster siblings for a very short time as his body tires out quickly.

Among Beau’s other interest in life is his love of food, however he requires a home where a strict renal appropriate diet will be adhered to.


Pocket pets and cats are definitely not on Beau’s list of suitable housemates but he doesn’t mind the company of another suitable canine.

Beau is great in the car, he loves to nap or lie and watch the world around him but he will require a lift into and out of the car as his short legs and body structure don’t allow him to jump any height. Beau is a laid back type of dog who demands very little from people apart from love, care and companionship; nothing short of what all dogs deserve. He isn’t an excessive barker but will vocalise at times of excitement especially at feeding time and it is a very deep bark! Apart from that he is a very quiet fella who loves to just spend time as close to his human as possible. Beau doesn’t like being separated from his favourite person but will settle well when they leave the house without him.


Beau is a special needs canine that will require a sedentary life, plenty of companionship and an understanding and loving person who is able to observe and watch for any changes in his bodily functions, orthopaedic discomfort or general wellness and respond with appropriate veterinary care and advice as required. He will require a home with another suitable canine companion, without multiple stairs, and someone who isn’t out working long hours.

Do you think you have the love and commitment to an older boy with special needs? If so, Beau could very well be your man! He has a lovely personality, walks well on lead over short distances and doesn’t require excessive amounts of grooming, just a quick brush over each day will see his coat stay tidy and clean.

Beau is currently in foster care at Metford, NSW; Date of Birth: 01/01/2008