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SCAMP – Small (<5Kg); Male; Tenterfield Terrier Blend; 10 Years; Low Energy Level; Moderate Shedding; Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee: $250


  • Experienced dog owners committed to care of a special needs dog
  • Retired or semi retired couple or person or family with older children
  • Other small dog in residence

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Scamp is a young at heart 10 years old Tenterfield Terrier X who came into care after being rescued from being confined in a bird enclosure along with his partner Charlotte for an unknown period of time. Scamp’s partner has found a loving home but sadly Scamp was kept in foster care as he was having severe seizures from the time he was rescued. Scamp has now been seizure free for just over three months and is ready to find his own loving home where he can be a part of the family. It is essential that Scamp finds a committed family who will ensure he continues to take his anti – seizure medication twice daily and also be on the lookout for any further seizure activity and seek veterinary care as required.


Scamp has always had another small canine friend in his life so it is essential his adoptive family has another small, suitable doggie companion that Scamp can spend his life with. He is a friendly little man who loves being patted and fussed over by his human family; something he appears to have missed out in his previous life.


Scamp occasionally joins in a little game of wrestle or chase with the other foster dogs, especially the ones that he has formed a strong connection with…. Usually the girls, as he is a bit of a lady’s man! Scamp’s other interests include going for walks, sleeping, cuddles and food. Oh boy, he loves his food! It is very important though that he does not over indulge as he is prone to gaining weight easily.


Scamp is an all round sweet little man who has an easy care coat; he usually settles well in the car on drives and doesn’t bark excessively. He is housetrained also. Scamp has an abundance of love to give and seeks very little in return but the same.


If you can give this dear little dog a loving, forever home for the first time in his life, he is waiting to meet you at Metford, NSW; Date of Birth: 09/10/2005


Please complete an online enquiry/application by clicking on the following link


  • This step is very important in the process and it’s vital that everything on the application form is correct and brutally honest.
  • Applicants are considered only if the details are a suitable match for the pooch.
  • Completion of the application does not commit you to the pooch nor does it guarantee an adoption.
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  • Nova Pooch Rescue Inc. is wholly operated by volunteers who already work long hours so, please be advised that there is NO phone contact available.