Dog Tales – Scamp’s Story


When the call came through to Nova on the 9th October 2015 to urgently help two little foxies out of a bad situation we agreed to assist. Overflowing and without spare kennel space for them the RSPCA turned to Rescue to achieve best outcome for this pair.  We had a spare spot with an experienced carer and could squeeze them in ….. only just. 

A routine situation for us quickly became a heart string tugger, this time more so than usual.

We know little about the lead up prior to the dogs coming into our care, other than the Ranger had seized both little ones from horrid conditions.  You see little Scamp and his companion, Charlotte had lived their lives in a bird aviary. Scamp was estimated at 10 years and Charlotte at 8 years of age. Our carer collected them within an hour of their initial rescue and took them straight to our vet for assessment.

Weighing in at less than 5 kgs each on intake it was unknown how long these poor little souls had existed in the filthy, cramped conditions. Living in their own waste and with limited access to clean water, absolutely no parasite control, inadequate nutrition and with the freedom to exercise removed had taken its toll. It is our belief neither dog had received veterinarian care, adequate nutrition or routine health care for a prolonged period. Both were malnourished with a low body score and varying degrees of hair loss. Little Scamp had a skin allergy with bright red irritation on his legs. Both dog’s nails were severely overgrown, but Scamp’s were unbelievably so and were placing undue pressure throughout his little body and causing pain. Added to the sad prognoses poor little Charlotte was in the final stages of pregnancy with the birth imminent within a few weeks.  It took 35hours before Scamp had his first seizure in care and we were alerted to a life threatening health issue for him.


Charlotte’s health was rehabilitated and her puppies born safely and in good health. Charlotte has moved on to her loving forever home and their puppies commenced their lives with excellent health care and cushioned with love. They have been ethically and responsibly adopted into loving homes.

For Scamp his has been an entirely different story altogether. We do not know if Scamp had been experiencing seizures prior to coming into foster care, or even for how long. What we initially thought could be a case of stress seizure activity (vaccine, wormers, flea treatments, desexing surgery all playing a part) is now discounted and we believe he had been undergoing these frightening episodes alone and without human intervention or care to his distress for quite a long period. Scamp’s dedicated carer with Nova’s support has been committed to best outcome for Scamp, consequently committing to regular vet visits and working vigilantly to formulate an effective treatment plan for him. You see, Scamp’s seizure activity was on the higher end of the scale and life threatening.


One night in particular proved this. On this night, Scamp’s seizure activity became Cluster Seizures and appeared to be unstoppable. The carer had done a 50min trip to the vets earlier in the night and then returned home with Scamp following some frightening seizure activity. Close to midnight the seizures started again and the 50 min trip undertaken while Scamp was seizing on and off. A nightmare trip on dark and deserted country roads. That night Scamp was placed in an induced coma in an attempt to save his life.

Following this episode new medication and a change of dosage regime has seen Scamp’s seizures reduced to a bare minimum with a significant period of time since his last seizure. With a specific diet and backed by acupuncture treatment Scamps overall general health has improved immensely. With his rotten teeth removed, his critically overgrown nails dealt with and his irritated, red, raw skin treated and cleared, Scamp is now the happy adorable little dog he was always meant to be.


Gone are the days of being treated like a discarded item of garbage in a filthy, disgusting aviary. Who really knows what this little soul has had to endure during his lifetime! Despite all of this, Scamp has retained his truly sweet nature. His little tail wags rapidly displaying his zest for life. He has the most lovely, radiant smile which extends to his eyes when he looks at you. He is a very gentle soul and enjoys the companionship of fellow canines, but his forgiving nature means humans are special friends to him.

It is time now for the final chapter of Scamp’s rescue and his life. Foster care is a stepping stone and simply cannot compare to a REAL home. Cluster seizures are life threatening its true and Scamp is an older dog there’s no denying, but we firmly believe we have achieved the best health outcome we can for Scamp and now we need to put the call out to find a Special Human for Scamp to live the remainder of his life with.  Someone who can help make atonement for the horror past inflicted by a lesser being on this innocent little dog. This Special Human will have compassion by the bucket load but of course be a very grounded person. Someone who will love and adore Scamp for the dog he is now, not because of his sad and sorry past. Someone with a sensible head on their shoulders who can make the hard call for Scamp if or when the need arises ….. but we think, and pray, that is a way off yet.