Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2016!

Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2016!

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming Dog Lovers Show! This will be our third year at the Dog Lovers Show and it’s always been a raging success.

If you’re attending, please drop by and say hello to our team!



DLS_2016_SYDNEY-® Facebook-graphic-with-link-for-Exhibitors

4 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Show Sydney 2016!

  1. I have to surrender my America Eskimo she is almost 16
    I also have a pug she is young and
    Would love to live with other dogs
    I don’t know how to go about this but
    Maybe this is how I begin
    I work and I will be moving to a senior living location that I cannot bring dogs
    My neighbor complains about the barking I feel awful
    My Eskise has bad hips
    She had surgeries years ago when we rescued her but now nothing her again

  2. After completing the application form for adopting a dog I was informed that the result of my application would be posted on a social media site. I do not subscibe to any social media sites nor do I want to I just want to adopt a dog How will I know if my application is successful I have questions but there does not seem to be a way to contact you

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