Felix Adoptables

FELIX – Small (< 5Kg); Male; Toy Poodle Mix; 1 Year Old; Moderately Energetic; Nil Shedding Desexed✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee $650

Rehoming Criteria:

  1. Experienced dog owner/s
  2. Other calm small to medium dog in residence
  3. Felix must go to a home where he will receive ongoing training. We will require information of the training program you will be attending.
  • Expression of interest by APPLICATION ONLY (see Adoption Process)
  • Applications not meeting our criteria as above will not be considered.

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We are convinced this little poppet was purchased as an “Accessory”. His lack of boundaries and knowledge of basic commands, plus his separation anxiety is a telling and sad story.

Felix has a bright and bubbly personality, which wins hearts. In an environment where consistent and fair boundaries are the norm he will become a loving little companion, but his is a situation which will require time to set right.


In care he is on a natural balanced diet and has a consistent routine which is helping him to settle and become more grounded rather than the highly distressed little pup that came to us. He loves other dogs although his lack of social canine etiquette has put him in situations where he has been firmly reprimanded. He is learning fast!

He is a sweet little man and does not appear to have a mean bone in his tiny body.

An experienced, empathetic home with another calm dog is a totally non negotiable requirement for this little one.

** Please do not look at this listing and see only “toy poodle”. Before you submit an application, please read the bio and be confident you are capable of offering the firm, understanding support Felix requires.

Felix is currently in foster care at North Arm Cove, NSW; Date of Birth: 09/09/2015