Nova has in care a 9yo male dachshund named Baixo. Baixo came into Nova’s care some months ago when he was diagnosed with an extremely difficult and unstable case of diabetes. His owner had made the heart breaking decision of euthanasia due to the instability of Baixo’s health, the high ongoing cost of care and the daunting prospect of stabilising his health. He had the added burden of pneumonia and the start of cataracts.

After an extremely rocky start Baixo’s blood sugar levels are now fairly well controlled by twice daily doses of insulin and a specialised diet & exercise regime. The diabetes is still unstable which has resulted in the cataracts taking his sight virtually overnight. Such a rapid loss of sight has created many difficulties for both Baixo and his carer. Baixo is a happy little daschy but he is struggling after being plunged into darkness without an adjustment period. The carer and family are on constant alert watching that he does not get into trouble as you see he has become quite active now and loves a wander around his foster home, sometimes ending up in some dangerous situations.

After a particularly worrying incident the carer spoke to the vet about cataract removal. We booked a specialist opthalmologist appointment to explore the possibility of surgery. This was last Wednesday and the results have left us very concerned and with an extremely difficult decision.

Dr Cameron Wittaker advised that there are limited options. The cataracts will degrade and become glaucoma which in dogs is an extremely painful condition. There is limited time to make the decision to remove the cataracts and we are close to not having an option of removal (he mentioned a few more weeks)
The surgery and associated costs are estimated to be around $8500.00 *thud* After a morning on the phone we have managed to find an animal eye specialist in Brisbane who will do the surgery for a considerably lower fee at approx $5800.00

We need help with this else our other option is eye removal 😦 Over the next week or so we will be undertaking fundraising on this page and hope you will be involved even if it is to simply share.

If you wish to donate to Baixo’s fund, please visit our webpage and donate via paypal or alternatively a direct deposit can be made to:

1. Direct Deposit: BSB: 637000 A/C: 718803829 (no fees charged if directly banked)

2. Paypal Payment:

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If you have followed Nova for some time you will know by now we do not ask for help lightly. In urgent cases like this where we know we are not able to fund this surgery alone then we simply have no choice. So we are asking humbly can you please help us help a little dog in need.
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