Kola: Male; Medium Sized; 10 week old pup (at time of posting); Border Collie Blend; Desexing will be undertaken prior to leaving Nova for his new family.✓; Microchipped✓; Vaccinated✓; Vet Checked✓; Wormed✓; Flea Treated✓; Heart Worm Treated✓; Lifetime Registered in NSW✓; Adoption Fee  $450.00

  • Expression of interest by APPLICATION ONLY (see Adoption Process)
  • Applications not meeting our criteria as above will not be considered.

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Little Kola is totally addicted to humans and is usually glued to his carer’s ankles despite many distractions in his living environment. He is working on toileting and is relatively successful despite so many huge changes in his life lately. We are working on some basic manners and training appropriate to a young puppy. He is adapting well and is a willing participant, already capable of an almost instantaneous Sit with food a as a motivator. Being the brave little soul that his genetics dictate Kola is happy and confident with the other 11 dogs at his carer’s home. We are currently concentrating on social behaviour around mealtime… after showing some very pushy behaviour Kola is learning that this is unacceptable and is improving with regular & timely reminders.

We are seeking a home with a family who has formulated a sound socialisation plan, can provide fair and consistent boundaries and is committed to offering an ongoing, life time exercise regime …. and love of course, plenty of love !


Working breed dogs really have the smarts and the energy and staying power to do the job they are designed to do…. work all day in heat or cold and utilise their intelligence and bravery to control another living animal many times their size. Living a solitary existence in a back yard with minimal social interaction is not on the agenda for this little munchkin.

So, if you are an active family who would love to invite into your life a little black whirlwind ready to be moulded into a well behaved canine citizen; if you can offer the home and lifestyle required, have another canine in the family and do not have very young children then please complete our online application to express your interest in this adorable little black love bug ….


Kolah Adopted