MAX – Small; Male; 5 Years; English Cocker Spaniel x Poodle Mix; Desexed; Microchipped; Vaccinated; Vet Checked; Wormed; Flea Treated; Heart Worm Treated; Lifetime Registered in NSW; Adoption Fee  $495

Rehoming Criteria:

1. To be a well experienced dog owner
2. Be prepared to provide a regular outlet for Max’s high energy levels
3. Be prepared to provide structured training for Max
4. To provide a balanced, raw based diet to Max
5. Have another calm and active dog in the family
6. Have none or mature, gentle children in the family
7. Have a secure and safe canine environment

  • Expression of interest by APPLICATION ONLY (see Adoption Process)
  • Applications not meeting our criteria as above will not be considered.

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Max is a very sweet, active, loyal young dog and is keen to please his humans.
Max knows basic commands and is learning the finer details of walking well on lead. He is toilet trained and has an excellent recall.

Max is reliant on human company to a degree that tips over into separation anxiety. We are working on boosting Max’s confidence so he has coping mechanisms in place for those times his human caregivers are not around for him. Consequently, it is imperative Max’s new home are both experienced and empathetic pet parents and will continue to help Max overcome his insecurities. Another calm but energetic dog in the family is a definite requirement as is a well fenced yard.

Max is great with children, however his energy levels can be a little overwhelming for young children. Additionally, in order to keep Max’s living environment calm we also do not recommend he be homed with boisterous children.
Max will require a little extra thought and effort to help him remain a balanced and happy companion, but the love and adoration he can offer is totally worth it.

Medical Notes

Max has been health checked and is in excellent physical health. He does suffer anxiety but this is currently controlled holistically with appropriate management strategies, training/exercise regime and an appropriate diet and supplements.