Miss Socks Lulu – Small; Female; 6 Years; Jack Russell Terrier x Pug Mix; Desexed; Microchipped; Vaccinated; Vet Checked; Wormed; Flea Treated; Lifetime Registered in NSW; Adoption Fee  $425

Rehoming Criteria:

1. That you have another kind dog in the family no older than 10years
2. That your children know how to interact with dogs kindly and safely
3. You are committed to providing a healthy raw based diet for Socks
4. You are an active family and Socks will be involved in your activities
5. You will value and love Miss Socks Lulu for the beautiful soul she is 🙂

  • Expression of interest by APPLICATION ONLY (see Adoption Process)
  • Applications not meeting our criteria as above will not be considered.

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Miss Socks Lulu is the most delightful, adorable, friendly girl … and that is the truth.
The negatives you may ask? …. she does have a slight weight problem … don’t worry we are working on it!
Socks is toilet trained, walks well on lead …although I must admit if it all gets a bit too much for her she simply lies down! She has a pretty good recall and does know how to sit and go to her bed (instantaneous when treats are involved 😉 ) Out and about Socks is calm and grounded which is a pure delight for her human companion.

Since being on the farm with her carer she is becoming increasingly active and shedding a few of those excess kilo’s … a great diet is helping and she will need to remain on this simple diet and regular activity level in her new home. No snacking in between or dodging walkies!

This little lady loves the company of the other dogs, both large and small so she will need a companion in her new home to keep her completely happy. Socks is a laid back, gentle soul and her interaction with the young child in the family is lovely to watch. A home with children will be considered however, we would need to be ensured that your children have been trained to be Dog Friendly and will be monitored when playing with Socks.

Medical Notes

Socks is health checked with excellent results. She has good hind end structure and an elongated nose from her JRT heritage. She has an underbite and healthy dentition but does have a slightly protruding tooth that will eventually fallout. Socks is currently on a weight reducing diet and will need to always watch her diet.