ZOE – Small/Medium (5-10Kg); Sweet natured; Fox Terrier x Whippet mix; 3 Years; Moderate Energy Level; Minimal Shedding; Desexed; Microchipped; Vaccinated; Vet Checked; Wormed; Flea Treated; Heart Worm Treated; Lifetime Registered in NSW; Adoption Fee $295

Rehoming Criteria:

1. Family where someone is at home most of the time.
2. Children over 8 years of age who are gentle and caring with dogs.
3. Family with commitment to Zoe’s ongoing training and who will include Zoe in their family activities.
4. Another small to medium calm dog in residence
5. Secure and safe yard.
6. No cats, chickens or pocket pets.

  • Expression of interest by APPLICATION ONLY (see Adoption Process)
  • Applications not meeting our criteria as above will not be considered.

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As a 12mth old pup Zoe found herself in trouble for showing an interest in the family’s chickens. Please note: no chickens were harmed by Zoe aside from losing a few tail feathers! Luckily for Zoe the next-door neighbour took her under her wing and Zoe found herself in a loving home for the past 2 years. Sadly, the other large dog of the family is now not enjoying Zoe’s company and it has been decided that Zoe would be happiest in another home.

Zoe is toilet trained and comfortable indoors. She loves to spend her day sunbaking or laying on her mat inside the house near her people but will alert you to any strangers approaching. Zoe does sometimes suffer mild separation anxiety and so a home with another small to medium calm dog is a pre requisite. One of her humans at home often, perhaps working from home, would offer an excellent situation. She is good with other dogs and loves children. A family with gentle children over the age of 8 years would be very agreeable to Zoe.

Zoe is a dear little girl and just needs to find a family that will be the right fit for her. We are seeking a home where she will be welcomed as a much loved part of the family and be involved in family activities whenever and wherever possible. A commitment to ongoing training would be a great asset to Zoe, as to any dog.

Being a Whippet Foxie blend it would be best that Zoe’s new family does not have cats, chickens or pocket pets. Obviously, a secure fence and safe environment is paramount for this little lady.

Zoe is currently at Tea Gardens, NSW where she is looking forward to meeting her very own forever family.
Date of Birth: 16/08/2014


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  • This step is very important in the process and it’s vital that everything on the application form is correct and brutally honest.
  • Applicants are considered only if the details are a suitable match for the pooch.
  • Completion of the application does not commit you to the pooch nor does it guarantee an adoption.
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  • Nova Pooch Rescue Inc. is wholly operated by volunteers who already work long hours so, please be advised that there is NO phone contact available.