Adoption Enquiry

Adoption Enquiry Form

Nova Pooch Rescue Inc considers that the welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being.

Nova Pooch Rescue Inc believes that every animal’s welfare should be considered in terms of five freedoms which form a logical and comprehensive framework for analysis.
Analysis of each individual animal’s proposed adoptive environment, together with the steps to safeguard the future of the animal, form part of our rehoming process


  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst: by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.
  2. Freedom from discomfort: by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease: by prevention through rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour: by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.
  5. Freedom from fear and distress: by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

We think it is important to make mention of a vital part of our rehoming process. We are frequently requested to rehome dogs to situations where the dog will be left alone for prolonged periods of time without a companion to interact with, either human or canine. We cannot, in all conscience, condemn an animal to a solitary existence, especially such a social animal as a canine.

“LONELINESS – dogs are highly social animals, yet eight per cent of dogs are regularly left alone for more than 12 hours at a time.
Another 15 per cent are regularly left alone for eight to 12 hours. And 39 per cent of dogs have no other animals to keep them company while owners are out.”

  • Completion of the application does not commit you to the pooch nor does it guarantee an adoption.
  • Applicants are considered only if the details are a suitable match for the pooch.
  • All details on the application form are kept strictly confidential.
  • “Meet & Greet” arranged only after ensuring that the potential adopter is the best possible match for the pooch
  • Cooling off period commences after the “meet & greet” to ensure rash decisions are not made.
  • 2 week trial period commences. This ensures that issues that were not evident at the meet and greet are highlighted and resolved.

Without a completed enquiry/application form we cannot respond to your questions but it simply allows for a speedier and accurate response to your query.

Please complete an online enquiry/application by clicking on this link

or click on the “apply today” button


Adoption Process

Please Note:

  • Nova and our animals for adoption are located from Sydney to Newcastle area and along the coast between these cities.
  • Our dogs will not be rehomed without undergoing a meet and greet between both parties.
  • Our adoption process commences with completing an Enquiry form.
  • All enquiries will be via this form and general email questions will not be responded to without a completed enquiry form being submitted.
  • Your Enquiry is then reviewed, references checked and a yard check arranged. All going well, a discussion with the carer will be arranged when a meet and greet can be organised.
  • If a meet and greet is successful a 14 day trial period is entered into.
  • When the trial period is completed, the pooch is then officially considered adopted and the microchip transferred into the new owners name.

Download the Enquiry Form as a PDF and print out at home. Complete the enquiry form and email back to the adoption team.

Alternatively you can fax (from home or from the post office) it to 49973533.