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Info – Doggie Do’s and Don’t’s on Easter

Doggie Do’s and Don’t’s on Easter (Repost from The Dogington Post) What to Do: · Watch out for diet treats. · Keep chocolate bunnies out of reach. · Avoid grapes and raisins. · Beware of macadamia nuts. · Include your dog in this special day. What Not to Do: · Don’t allow your dog access […]
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So, what really happens to “free to a good home” dogs?

“So, what really happens to “free to a good home” dogs? – Last year, Jeffrey Nally Jr. was charged with 29 counts of animal cruelty because of the massive number of dead animal found on his West Virginia property. Nally had obtained at least 29 animals through “free to a good home” Craigslist ads, just […]
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Video – Dog Body Language

A FANTASTIC video showing some pooch body language